Stakeholder engagement

In terms of how well we listen and respond to our stakeholders’ concerns we are still developing the formal mechanisms that will capture all relevant views. This is illustrated in our stakeholder engagement framework, which has identified some gaps, although we do have well developed employee and customer engagement tools.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement mechanism

Stakeholder engagement mechanisms

Internal perspectives heavily influence the organisation’s identification of sustainability issues. Without strong engagement mechanisms to capture and make visible external stakeholder perspectives, we will continue to be internally led in our identification of sustainability issues. In 12/13 we took steps to remedy a long-standing shortcoming on our engagement framework – the absence of suppliers’ voices. We enhanced our materiality process by adding six in depth interviews with a cross-section of suppliers. These insights will be shared with our national procurement manager in 13/14.

In 12/13 we identified an opportunity to improve the level of stakeholder representation on our sustainability advisory board. In 13/14 the board will be reviewed and reconstituted, with meetings scheduled to coincide with the annual planning process.

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