Materials utilisation of used products

In the year under review the total mass of end-of-life products gathered from our customers remained steady, with a 1 percent decrease. This result demonstrates the stability and maturing of our return collection program.

Materials utilisation
of used products

Eco Manufacturing Centre

We are committed to ensuring that used equipment, parts and consumables are collected and where possible, remanufactured for reuse. If remanufacturing is not feasible, items are recycled into their constituent materials.

In 12/13 the centre achieved a positive net saving which we aim to maintain over the coming year. In 13/14 we are looking to optimise our strengths as well as innovating for new business. This will encompass activities such as focusing on high quantity, high margin products, increasing parts collection, working further with partner companies, optimising operational processes, and realigning our marketing efforts while looking for new business opportunities. We will also continue to focus on maximising the percentage of locally remanufactured parts used by Fuji Xerox Australia.

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