The 2013 Sustainability Report is structured around our sustainability value chain (right) to help communicate how we embed sustainability within our organisation (our organisation, people and impact) and how we manage sustainability challenges and opportunities across our external value chain (from supply chain to customers).

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Our organisation

This section covers our organisation’s noble purpose, structure, business performance and how we embed sustainability and engage with our stakeholders.

Our people

This section covers our employee engagement, building capability, diversity, staffing levels, remuneration and recognition, health and safety and community engagement.

Our impact

This section covers our environmental strategy and our impacts across carbon, waste, paper and water use.

Supply chain

This section covers how we manage our supply chain, from our parent company’s ethical procurement program to managing carbon emissions with logistics suppliers and responsible procurement and paper sourcing in Australia.


This section covers the development and innovation of our equipment and solutions and how we apply these technologies to optimise customer document and business processes.


This section covers our approach to becoming a truly customer-centric organisation, our customers’ satisfaction levels and how we provide customer support.


This section covers how we remanufacture and recycle customer equipment at end-of-life.