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Sustainability timeline of achievements: a legacy of environmental stewardship spanning 44 years.

Our materiality process and top ten issues.

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Summary performance

See a summary of our 12/13 performance and objectives for 13/14

  • Buyers Laboratory Inc Award
    outstanding energy efficiency,
    2013 for ApeosPort-IV C3375
    and DocuCentre-IV C2265

  • Good Environmental Choice
    Australia certification,

    2013 for entire
    office A3 multifunction
    devices range

  • Responsible procurement
    2011 FSC Annual
    Excellence Awards

  • ‘Leading in
    sustainability’ award,
    2010 Banksia Awards

  • Best report — consumer
    and business services sector,

    2010 and 2011
    ACCA Reporting Awards

    2009 and 2010 report