Clean air

‘Clean air’ by Suhendry Ui, Document Manager, Macquarie Park, NSW.

Fuji Xerox Australia aims to maintain a competitive remuneration approach that allows us to retain and attract the people we need to manage and grow our business; our remuneration approach factors in business performance, market conditions, role specific and job family trends.

For our executive leadership team and senior managers we also have in place a bonus structure which takes into account employee engagement results for their division alongside other job related performance where they go above and beyond the day-to-day expectations.

We conducted our annual performance review for salaried and professional employees. Our employees covered by enterprise agreements receive amendments as agreed in those arrangements. As part of our ongoing review processes we have built in an approach to ensure we highlight areas of concern from an equity perspective and deal with any anomalies that arise.

From the analysis completed for this year’s Equal Opportunity for Woman in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) report it was found that there were some inconsistencies around male and female salaries in different areas of the business as outlined
in the below table. It was decided that a gender pay equity audit was needed and this analysis is currently underway to determine the reasons why there are these differences.

Employment positions by gender and role*

Position Percentage Average salary $
Senior executives 8 92 NA 349,951
Senior managers 23 77 147,024 198,960
Managers 25 75 110,563 141,274
Team leaders 15 85 81,090 84,145
Sales staff 25 75 96,531 123,934
Technical staff 9 91 76,447 78,625
Functional staff 49 51 77,820 94,663
Admin staff 83 17 56,552 56,045
Vocational staff 32 68 47,815 50,784
Total 28 72 73,485 90,401

* Excludes Upstream.

Benefits availed in 11/12

Staff benefit Employees
Company superannuation with life and disability insurance 1,445
Paid Parental Leave 37
Paid child birth leave of up to 1 week 34
Number of volunteering days logged* 448
Novated leasing for motor vehicles 108
Healthy heart check 284
Flu vaccinations 509
Employee Assistance Program 69
Employee Referral Scheme 26

*Hours reported by United Way and ABCN have been converted to days to more accurately reflect the time spent.

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