About our report

This is our eighth sustainability report, with our first produced in 2005. Our sustainability report is published annually in September and is based on the Japanese financial year ending 31 March. In some material cases information is provided on events that took place after the close of the financial year.

Sustainability assurance

This report complies with GRI level B+ requirements and has been independently assured by Net Balance in accordance with the 2008 AA1000 assurance methodology. The assurance statement provided by Net Balance can be found in the appendices.

Fiscal integrity

Ernst and Young conduct our annual financial audits. The financial statements for each of the companies comprising the Fuji Xerox Group in Australia have been placed on public record, having been filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Each company’s audit report is free from qualification.

Report boundary

This report covers the Fuji Xerox Australia operation which includes:

  • Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Limited and its sister company Fuji Xerox Finance Limited. The financial figures in this report reflect the statutory accounts for both entities, adjusted where applicable for inter-company transfers.
  • A regional product distribution hub and a regional support centre which Fuji Xerox Australia operates on behalf of its parent company. While these operations include employees of both our parent company and Fuji Xerox Australia, they effectively report to Fuji Xerox Australia, are accommodated in our premises and contribute to our business results and therefore are considered within the boundary of this report.
  • The company has no joint ventures. Twenty of our 21 locations are leased, our national warehouse is owned by us and all 21 locations are within the scope of this report.
  • Upstream Print Solutions (Upstream) was acquired by Fuji Xerox Australia in 10/11 and is managed as a wholly owned subsidiary with its own six locations. Upstream has an addendum to this report and is excluded from the main body of our report, unless otherwise stated.
  • This report does not include Fuji Xerox Printers, a separate Fuji Xerox entity focused on the desktop printer market across Asia Pacific.
  • It also excludes the environmental footprint of the managed services we provide on customer sites. We recognise that the outsourcing of business processes such as print, design, mail and office services to us involves an obligation to manage processes responsibly, which we have begun to address by applying environmental management and measurement practices to the appropriate operational frameworks.

While the scope of this report is heavily focused on our operations in Australia, we have also touched on our broader impacts. These extend through an international supply chain, which includes the manufacture of our equipment in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Europe and North America; the sourcing of our paper from various global suppliers; and the international logistics associated with our product transport. Our parent company, Fuji Xerox Company Ltd., also produces a sustainability report that incorporates the sustainability performance of other Fuji Xerox operating companies.

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