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Employee photo competition

Every year, we involve our employees in the design of our report by running a photographic competition, which also encourages reflection on sustainability. A number of our talented employees’ photos feature in our report.

We would like to especially recognise Suhendry Ui, Document Manager, Macquarie Park, NSW for his winning image, ‘Growth’.

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_001.jpg

    ‘The simple things’ by Helena Carris, Human Resources Consultant, Macquarie Park, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_002.jpg

    ‘Rope’ by Vanessa Talty, Change Manager, epicenter™, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_003.jpg

    ‘Clean air’ by Suhendry Ui, Document Manager, Macquarie Park, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_004.jpg

    ‘Continuous improvement’ by Sunny Peng, Account Payable Assistant, Macquarie Park, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_005.jpg

    ‘Hope’ by Anup Daniel, Commercial Bid Manager, Macquarie Park, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_006.jpg

    ‘Beach huts’ by William Zaitseff, Analyst Manager, Mascot, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_007.jpg

    ‘Realisation in memories’ by Michael Ly, Business Analyst, Macquarie Park, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_008.jpg

    ‘Growth’ by Suhendry Ui, Document Manager, Macquarie Park, NSW

  • http://www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012/wp-content/themes/responsive/images/photo_comp/photo_comp_009.jpg

    ‘Green grass’ by Suhendry Ui, Document Manager, Macquarie Park, NSW

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Net Balance have assured the report under the AccountAbility 1000 Assurance Standards. This means all the information provided is a full response to the significant sustainability issues that concern our stakeholders and that data has been independently verified. The report also meets the Global Reporting Initiative requirements to B+ level. This means the information in our report can be compared against other organisations’ reports.

  • Responsible procurement
    2011 FSC Annual
    Excellence Awards

  • ‘Leading in
    sustainability’ award,

    2010 Banksia Awards

  • ‘Best report — consumer
    and business services sector’,

    2010 and 2011 ACCA
    Reporting Awards

    2009 and 2010 report

  • ‘Best overall report’
    2010 ACCA
    Reporting Awards

    2009 report

  • ‘Best sustainability report’,
    2010 Australasian
    Reporting Awards

    2009 report