Advocating for extended producer responsibility

Fuji Xerox Australia has actively participated in industry association activities that advance extended producer responsibility across our sector. We have been working closely with our peers from the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) to establish a product stewardship scheme for the computer and peripherals industry. Over the last decade the company has played a critical role in the introduction of new e-waste regulation to Australia. After six years of extensive consultation between the AIIA and the federal Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts, a national e-waste regulation had been proposed. We are more keenly focused on that work with new regulations expected to become effective in 11/12.

Under the auspices of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, the Product Stewardship Bill 2011 was passed in the House of Representatives in July 2011. Regulations are expected to come into effect in late 2011. We are working closely with our industry association to ensure appropriate and effective regulations are put in place that will meet industry needs and drive the desired environmental outcomes. The regulations are intended to resolve weak end-of-life arrangements for consumer ICT products in Australia, recognising that while the business-to-business market is better serviced, it should also monitor and report performance.

The regulations include a requirement for liable parties to become or enter into’ an arrangement’ in order to comply with all regulatory requirements. Industry associations have been working towards establishing a joint industry body – OnePSO, which is intended to operate a product stewardship scheme on behalf of its members. This organisation is intended to be operational at the effective date of regulations.

Our sister company, Fuji Xerox Printers’ obligations in the consumer, small home office and small business areas will be fulfilled through the OnePSO operations, ensuring compliance with regulations. Performance reporting to government will be done by OnePSO on behalf of all its members. This is the main area where Fuji Xerox Australia will benefit. We will continue to manage our own end-of-life programs, but will use the OnePSO to collate performance reports for regulatory purposes.