Our approach to end-of-life resource recovery

Cartridge remanufacturing at our Eco Manufacturing Centre.


Optimise business and environmental outcomes from end-of-life resource recovery.

10/11 objectives

How did we do?

Work with our parent company to simplify approval for new remanufacture programs.

  • We have been working with our parent company as an ongoing activity.

Secure additional resources to review end-of-life product return, recycling and remanufacturing systems and explore local end-of-life recycling options.

  • A contractor was hired to review our end-of-life systems and prepare the company for impending regulations. This work is in progress and will continue in 11/12.

Prepare for emerging e-waste regulatory requirements.

Prepare for Eco Manufacturing Centre relocation to Green Star facility.

  • Significant work has been undertaken to prepare for the relocation of the Eco Manufacturing Centre to a new Green Star-accredited location in September 2011.

232,500 parts remanufactured and 50 new remanufacture programs.

  • 197,550 parts were remanufactured and 32 new remanufacture programs were created.

$5.9m local benefit through costs saved.

  • $5.5m benefit through costs saved.

11/12 objectives

  • Continue working with our parent company as part of continuous improvement.
  • Complete transition to interim local recycling solution.
  • Continue developing systems for recycling in Australia and to comply with forthcoming regulations.
  • Secure 5 Star Green Star accreditation for new Eco Manufacturing offices space and 4 Star Green Star accreditation for the warehouse.
  • 201,750 parts remanufactured and 40 new remanufacture programs.
  • $6.7m local benefit through costs saved.

The Fuji Xerox and Xerox Groups have a long-standing commitment to accept responsibility for their products throughout their life cycle, shared by Fuji Xerox Australia. In Asia Pacific, Fuji Xerox Company Limited have four purpose-built, state-of-the-art remanufacturing, reuse and recycling facilities in Japan, China, Thailand and Australia that achieve over 99 percent resource recovery from our products at end-of-life.

We take back products, parts and toner cartridges returned by our customers for remanufacturing and recycling either at our Eco Manufacturing site in Sydney or at the Asia Pacific Integrated Recycling Centre in Thailand. The Eco Manufacturing Centre processes used parts, packaging and waste collected from Australian customers, while end-of-life equipment and toner cartridges are sent to the Asia Pacific Recycling Centre.

There are opportunities to improve the levels of remanufacture and reuse in our closed loop systems so that the embodied energy in our product components is retained. Ultimately the rationale for taking our products back at end-of-life is not just related to responsible ‘waste’ management; remanufacturing and reusing parts allows us to reduce new resource input and to cut the carbon footprint of new product manufacture.