Graphic Communications customer satisfaction

The Graphic Communications customer satisfaction survey was designed to uncover positive and negative customer perceptions of our business, including: competitive aspects, the business relationship, account management, loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Overall Production Customer satisfaction index of 90 percent was achieved. This fell 5 percent short of target, and was a 1 percent decline on the previous year. The 28 percent very satisfied score has remained static, falling 12 percent short of our target. However there has been a reduction in the number of very dissatisfied customers and a parallel growth in the number of dissatisfied customers. Our analysis of the reasons for issues and what we are doing to improve customer service are outlined below.

Graphic communications customer satisfaction

Account review

Last year we identified that for some clients account management by our sales teams was a significant cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Customer feedback:

“Fuji Xerox Australia knows the business and are constantly talking (to us). They understand our current equipment and what is coming in the future.”

Our 10/11 response:

  • We placed a renewed focus on using the intensive care process to conduct account reviews. All business managers set objectives to ensure customers had effective account management. The account managers who reported to them accepted a target to complete account reviews for each client. The positive results of this process are evident in 10/11 with a significant improvement in customer satisfaction with the account review process.*
  • In 11/12 we will sustain this improvement to our account review process.

* Minor changes were made to the customer survey questions; we acknowledge this may have contributed to changes in results.

Fuji Xerox print centre at the University of Newcastle.

Understanding customer needs

There has been a steady increase in customers’ perception that our sales teams add value to a customers’ business and the strikingly high satisfaction rating of their knowledge.

Customer feedback:

“We have regular interaction, we have non-standard workshops and the key executives are in contact during and after these events. They offer plenty of suggestions and recommendations. They give us feedback for new projects even if not for Fuji Xerox. A real business partner, not just a supplier.”

Our 10/11 response:

  • Fuji Xerox Australia has already implemented a change to its sales training techniques in 10/11, with a view to focusing on customers’ purchasing behaviours.
  • In 11/12, this will be supplemented by a business acumen training program delivered by external providers. The intention of this program is to ensure the Graphic Communications sales teams have a strong appreciation for our customers’ core business drivers.

Billing and administration

Our billing and administration process sometimes frustrates our customers.

Customer feedback:

“A few things, operationally which are very frustrating for me. Not sure if they can be fixed but from a customer viewpoint they are frustrating:

1) A/c online or My Account is useless, cumbersome and not user-friendly. We’ve tried updating locations online but there is still confusion with ordering.

2) Toner order — no idea which machine it’s for when it arrives. Why not an m/c serial number?

3) No continuity in leasing agreements and serial numbers — difficult to match documents to a machine.

4) Approx 80% of m/c have automatic orders of toner etc. direct to Fuji Xerox Australia but we don’t know which are automated and whether replacements are on the way.”

Our 10/11 response:

  • We customised invoicing for some Graphic Communications customers with specific requirements.
  • In 11/12 we will undertake a total review of our business systems and processes, to better streamline the customer experience. This process will form the basis for enduring improvements to our billing and administration systems.

Graphic Communications net promoter score

The NPS improved by 4 basis points from 09/10 to 10/11. This positive trend over the last three reporting periods confirms that measures being taken to address customer satisfaction drivers are having the desired effect.

Graphic Communications net promoter score