Industry leading energy efficient equipment

Average energy consumption reduction rate of office devices since 1997 (with a target of 11% by 2020)

As early as 1997, Fuji Xerox made a commitment to halve the energy consumption of its equipment. By 08/09 we had achieved a 45 percent reduction on the average energy consumption of our equipment based on 1997 levels. In 09/10 Fuji Xerox released our most energy efficient devices to date. Today, our customers can benefit from energy reductions of up to 71 percent when replacing older equipment with new Fuji Xerox devices.

All of our devices are Energy Star compliant to the 2009 standards and in Australia we continue to seek Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certification for all of our office devices. We are the only multi-function device vendor in Australia currently to do so.

In our last report we featured the award winning energy efficiency technologies of our ApeosPort and DocuCentre office product range — EA Eco Toner, LED technology and Induction Heat Fusing. Our latest devices in this range now feature Smart Energy Management Technology.

These recently launched devices deliver cutting-edge reductions in energy consumption, consuming less power in standby, low power and operating modes, by only using what is necessary, when it’s necessary. They also retain the user convenience seen throughout the rest of the range, resuming from sleep mode in just two seconds.

Smart Energy Management Technology

With Smart Energy Management (see diagram), technology power is only used for activated modules on a user needs basis, so when doing a scan there’s no need for the print or copy functionality of the device to be powered up. This technology produces energy savings when printing and particularly when scanning or faxing (up to 30 percent reduction in energy use against when the entire device is powered up to scan or fax).

The ApeosPort-IV C3370 won the BLI 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award for Energy Efficiency.

Fuji Xerox awarded for energy efficiency

In 10/11 Fuji Xerox won the Excellence Award in the Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards, having achieved the world’s fastest start-up time of three seconds for fuser in a multi-function device by replacing the traditional halogen heat source with induction heating (IH).

The ApeosPort-IV C3370, one of the latest series of Fuji Xerox multi-function devices, features the IH technology and won the BLI 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award for Energy Efficiency. According to BLI, the award-winning colour multi-function device proved to use the least energy of products tested in its class. In addition to consuming less energy in running mode, this unit also uses less energy than the competitive average while in idle, energy-save and sleep modes, for a total projected energy consumption rate that’s less than half of the competitive average.

Total carbon footprint over the lifetime of a multi-function device

Our life cycle analysis (LCA) research shows that the energy used by multifunction devices on a customer site over a 5-year lifetime ranges between 2 and 3 tonnes of carbon.