Design for environment

“I want to congratulate Fuji Xerox Australia on its sustainability performance to date. The company’s commitment to putting sustainability at the centre of its business and assisting its customers to follow a similar path is undoubtedly leading corporate practice.

However, for the future my hope, and expectation, is that instead of technology innovations driving improvements in sustainability practices, the company begins to views the broad principles of sustainability as the key drivers of the business model, strategy and product development.”

Matt Foran Sustainability Manager, Australia Post

Fuji Xerox products, solutions and services are designed and developed to improve sustainability performance over their entire life cycle. We have been well-recognised for our achievements in product design for the environment and end-of-life product stewardship. However, sustainability drivers and rapid developments in digital technology are shifting the focus of our innovations in sustainability.

Because our customers have increasingly aggressive environmental targets focused on energy and print efficiency, we find the focus of our sustainability innovations moving to the ‘in-use’ phase. With the digitisation of document technology, we are now developing software solutions that enable workflow optimisation, which brings the required environmental efficiency gains along with significant cost reductions.

At the enterprise level, our services are focused on optimising entire document process review that looks at ‘print-waste’ from a systemic organisation-wide perspective. Our focus on ‘design for the environment’ is therefore multi-faceted:

  • Our manufacturing operations are run in accordance with industry leading social and environmental standards.
  • Fuji Xerox helps cutomers
    optimise their document processes

  • Our equipment features environmentally responsible product design from energy efficient enhancements to modular design that enables end-of-life disassembly for reuse, remanufacture and recycling.
  • Our document software and digital technologies help reduce paper wastage.
  • Our services enable clients to improve the efficiency of document intensive business processes and optimise their equipment infrastructure to save costs and cut carbon emissions.