Supply chain


Responsible procurement

'Fallen but not forgotten' by Justin Oh, Support Engineer, Australian Technology Park, NSW.


Ensure environmental, social and governance standards are applied through the corporate procurement framework.

10/11 objectives

How did we do?

Continue updating supplier information in our new supplier relationship management database.

  • The supplier relationship management database is operational; however adoption has been slow.

Embed new procurement policy and processes by mentoring staff through significant procurement events.

  • The National Procurement Manager worked on several procurement activities with facilities, Customer Support Organisation, Eco Manufacturing and Global Services.

Develop two-way engagement mechanisms with suppliers so that we can learn from feedback on our relationships with them.

  • Unfortunately the National Procurement Manager left the business during the year under review so we have not made the desired progress in improving supplier engagement mechanisms.

Develop a more rigorous approach to sustainability risk assessment with suppliers.

11/12 objectives

Recruit a National Procurement Manager who will develop a mentoring and coaching approach to procurement across the business.

In Australia we are responsible for managing our paper supply chain, international inbound, outbound and domestic logistics, along with procurement of all other business goods and services required locally. We have a mature approach to relationship management with our logistics and paper suppliers. Regarding other procurement activity, we have embarked on a journey to be a better customer to suppliers by developing and introducing the necessary people, processes and technologies. A sustainable code of conduct is integrated into our procurement framework and compliance is confirmed with suppliers during significant procurement events.

Our 10/11 progress on our supplier engagement journey was slow, which was disappointing given the investment in new policies and the supplier relationship management database in the previous year. During the year under review the supplier relationship management database (which includes a limited risk analysis) was rolled out to the business. Adoption of its capability was, however, low. It was identified that a key challenge was the existing decentralised procurement structure.

The National Procurement Manager sought to embed a consistent and robust approach to procurement, by working on major procurement activities with Facilities (Scaffolding), Customer Support Organisation (Transport), Eco Manufacturing (Rematerialisation Project) and Global Services (Cost Recovery Solutions). However late in the year under review our National Procurement Manager left the business. In 11/12 we will fill the National Procurement Manager role and work on developing a mentoring and coaching approach to procurement across the business.