Our impact


Paper use management


  • Reduce paper use.
  • Encourage the use of recycled and certified papers.

10/11 objectives

How did we do?

Reduce paper use by 1%.

  • Overall paper use has increased by 2%.

Measure and report on FSC and PEFC paper use internally.

  • We have segmented our paper use into certified and non-certified paper types.

Establish cost centres for internal paper use only.

  • Cost centre allocation has improved.

Review internal paper use policy.

  • We have commenced the review of our internal paper use policy, but the scope of the project has changed.

11/12 objectives

  • Implement a device consolidation and upgrade at head office which will provide a better platform for print efficiency.
  • Complete the review of paper use and share findings with employees responsible for paper purchase.
  • Eliminate the use of non-certified virgin papers.

We did not achieve our 1 percent internal paper use reduction target but increased our use by 2 percent due to growing business activity.

With more comprehensive data going into our environmental intelligence system, we are better able to discern between paper types used internally. This has triggered a revised paper accounting methodology and a restatement for paper use in the year 09/10. The results show that our use of certified and recycled papers has increased, while our use of non-certified virgin paper has decreased from 11 percent to 8 percent.

These results reflect a greater range of certified products being available, as well an increased knowledge and awareness on the part of the employees responsible for purchasing paper for internal use.

The more comprehensive data has revealed that we have been understating our internal paper use considerably since measurement began in 06/07. The former method applied a generic weight conversion per ream of paper which assumed the ream as A4 size and 80gsm. We improved this in 09/10 by accounting for more accurate weight conversions. The revised method for 10/11 includes more accurate paper weights as well as information on paper type and certifications. We believe this will be the most reliable method for internal paper accounting until print management software is rolled out to the business.

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