Our impact


Water use management

‘Pelicans’ by Dong Li, Analyst Programmer, Mascot, NSW.


  • Upgrade facilities where possible.
  • Improve water use estimate with real data.

10/11 objectives

How did we do?

Reduce water use.

  • Reduced water use by an estimated 11%.

Improve accuracy of average water-use-per-employee figure.

11/12 objectives

  • Meter water consumption at the Eco-manufacturing Centre.
  • Ensure all sites have basic water efficiency measures installed such as flow regulators in all bathroom fittings.

Water use has reduced by 11 percent in 10/11. Our total water consumption calculation was previously based on a government approved average of 4kL per person per year.

In 10/11 we replaced this with an average more appropriate to the nature of our business. We have taken actual water use figures from our Brisbane office, which indicates an average of 2.6kL per person per year. This has led us to restate our water-use figures for sites where averages have been used in the past.

The results from our metered sites at Mascot and Zetland are encouraging. During 10/11 the facilities managers at these sites decided to participate in a City of Sydney water efficiency program which involved retrofitting all taps and showers with flow regulators for a small investment. Combined, the sites have seen a 1249kL reduction in water use during the year under review.

Water from municipal sources

We have restated the ‘FXA all’ (excludes Zetland and Mascot) totals using the new 2.6kL per person estimate. The figures for 2007 – 2010 are based on a 09/10 head count.