Our impact


Waste management

Waste sorting at our Eco Manufacturing Centre in Zetland, NSW.


  • Work towards zero waste to landfill from our manufacturing and business operations.
  • Continually identify problem waste streams and develop strategies to address these.

10/11 objectives

How did we do?

Achieve 1% reduction in waste to landfill.

  • Waste sent to landfill decreased by 41% on 09/10 levels.

Transition to SIMS-Veolia waste management will occur for the majority of sites in 10/11.

  • Full transition has not occurred due to changing requirements and preparation for changes in end-of-life resource recovery taking priority.

11/12 objectives

  • Complete and roll out national waste contract.
  • Provide increased recycling as standard facilities at all sites.
  • Expand bi-annual waste audits to all shared tenancy sites.

Managing waste from business operations

For the year under review we experienced another significant reduction in waste to landfill. Our total waste to landfill decreased 268 tonnes in 10/11. This can be attributed to:

  • Increasing staff awareness of waste separation at our office locations. Waste audits in Sydney and Melbourne produced improvements in waste reduction and waste contamination.
  • Our warehouse pallet recycling activities expanding nationally due to growing product throughput, which has increased the amount of pallets requiring recycling.
  • Pallets from the Eco Manufacturing Centre being included in our pallet recycling program.

An area for improvement in 11/12 is waste separation at out larger warehouses and our Eco Manufacturing Centre. These sites undertook clean ups during the year which produced high levels of waste. Our goal is for new waste infrastructure, equipment and employee education to improve waste management.

The national waste contract will be finalised in 11/12. We will be increasing the range of recycling facilities at all sites to include paper/cardboard and commingled as standard systems. Any additional recycling opportunities will be undertaken as needed. We expect more reliable data from consolidating the reporting with one to two suppliers.

* A restatement is necessary for 2009/10 general waste and subsequently the waste to landfill percentage split. The 09/10 figure was 361 tonnes this has been adjusted to 349 tonnes. The waste to landfill percentage has been adjusted to 34 percent for 09/10. The 09/10 plastic recycling figure has been updated to reflect a data entry correction.

Percentage waste to landfill Tonnes waste to landfill Tonnes recycled waste by category