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Employee engagement

Fuji Xerox Australia St Kilda Road office, VIC.


  • Be an employer of choice by 2015.
  • Improve levels of employee engagement in line with Hewitt’s best employer’s score.

10/11 objectives

How did we do?

Target improvement in overall engagement to 60%.

  • Overall engagement levels increased from 55% to 57%.

Run employee engagement focus groups and prepare action plans to address issues arising.

  • Completed engagement focus groups and prepared action plans to address issues.

11/12 objectives

  • Target improvement in overall engagement to 62%.
  • Focus groups will be conducted primarily by managers and with action plans prepared to address issues that arise.

Our goal of being an employer of choice by 2015 is underpinned by having a highly engaged and committed workforce. This means our employees see Fuji Xerox Australia as a great place to work, they act as advocates for our brand and they are highly motivated to provide customers (internal and external) and stakeholders with a unique experience.

Engagement levels

Our fourth engagement survey was conducted in April 2011 with a participation rate of 65 percent, in comparison to 67 percent in our 09/10 survey. The key findings indicate that 57 percent of employees are fully engaged, up 2 percent on the previous survey, and 21 percent are nearly engaged, down 3 percent. We are encouraged by this result and will focus on understanding how we can further improve. Our next survey will be conducted in March/April 2012.

Incidences of discrimination

In the year under review we have had no incidences of discrimination reported. When complaints of this nature are made they are escalated to our Human Resources team, who investigate and make a finding. Depending on the outcome, incidences of discrimination are handled through performance management, and in serious cases can lead to termination.

Engagement drivers

During 10/11 we have worked to improve the employee experience. This is reflected in our improved score and in the shift of key engagement drivers. In previous years technology and communications were improve engagement drivers for our people; we are pleased to see that is no longer the case with the appointment of a Chief Information Officer and the establishment of a new corporate communications team. In 10/11 we benefited from an upgrade of our technology platform, a laptop refresh and enhanced PDAs. While communications have also improved, with feedback from our people that they feel better informed of major change initiatives, our approach to change management itself still requires attention. We have also received feedback about the areas where we need to sustain our performance.

In 11/12 we will hold employee focus groups to more fully understand our people’s views on these issues and how we can improve.

Fuji Xerox Australia head office at Macquarie Park, NSW.

Improve engagement drivers




Brand alignment: we deliver on the promises we make to our employees

The question of brand promises relates to how well we live up to the promises we make to our people when they start work in our business.

10/11 response:
Employee roadshows were conducted at each major site to ensure employees understood the benefits both tangible and intangible that are available to them.



Career opportunity: a favourable set of circumstances exist for our employees’ future with us

This issue relates to how we provide a clear framework of how to progress in the organisation and define what success looks like.

10/11 response:
We have continued the review of position descriptions and focused on a robust performance management system to clarify to our people what is expected of them to be successful. Investment in our talent program has also continued. This provides a framework for nurturing our high-achievers and developing their full potential.



Change management: major organisational change programs are well managed and help to deliver better performance.

10/11 response:
A change management framework has been developed with assistance from an external provider and is currently being tested as part of a major business process review project.



Performance management: the formal performance management process provides valuable feedback and guidance to improve performance.

10/11 response:
Performance management is a new driver and we will actively seek feedback as to how we can improve perceptions in this area.



‡ Percentage of employees who agreed or strongly agreed with the statements.

† Some of these roadshows occurred after the close of the year under review. Roadshows were primarily conducted by the Human Resources team, with managers communicating messages at smaller sites and with offsite based employees.

Sustain engagement drivers




Sense of accomplishment
This relates to the satisfaction employees derive from their work.



Work activities
This relates to level of engagement our people derive from day to day work activities.



This related to the extent to which our work environment values differences by accepting a wide range of ideas and people from various backgrounds and treats them fairly.



Company reputation
This relates to employees’ perceptions that the organisation is regarded as a good place to work outside the organisation.