Our people


Message from Beth Winchester,
Executive General Manager, Human Resources

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Our approach to diversity is critical to our aim of becoming an employer of choice by 2015.

This means consideration of the total employment experience for our people whatever their gender, age, race and ethnicity. A key milestone as we go forward is to become accredited as an Employer of Choice for women. Key actions that have already been implemented to help us achieve this include:

  • provision of a maternity room at our head office
  • gender based analysis of our current remuneration levels to identify any equity issues
  • the development of 'Respect', our workplace behaviour online training module, which will be rolled out to all employees in 11/12
  • amendment of parental leave policies to include enhanced superannuation benefit beyond government requirements.

We will continue this focus on diversity over the next 12 months, but were nevertheless encouraged by the response received in the recent engagement survey to the question: 'this organisation is committed to creating a work environment that embraces diversity' — 77 percent of employees agreed.

The 10/11 year has been one of challenge and change. The business results have been strong and the focus on the transformation of our leadership and culture is starting to show positive results.

We have recruited two new executive general managers, which has added capability to the executive leadership team and had a positive effect more broadly across our business. The titles of our general managers have been changed to executive general managers. This has allowed us to expand several senior management roles into general manager roles, in response to the expanding breadth and depth of our operations.

The results of our 10/11 engagement survey show an increase of 2 percent to 57 percent of employees who are fully engaged. While we continue to have challenges in improving the employee experience in some divisions, in others there has been a significant increase in engagement.

Investment in the development of our people continued with the launch of a new learning management system which will provide accurate recording of activities undertaken as well as being able to provide efficient and effective access to modules as required. In addition we have expanded our management and leadership development curriculum. Our new ‘Management to Leadership’ program will be piloted in 11/12. It is designed to enhance the skills and understanding of all our managers so they can become more effective managers and leaders of this organisation.

At the other end of the employee lifecycle we have increased our associate intake from six in 09/10 to 26 in 10/11. We widened the scope of the roles we recruited and we are pleased to see the contribution new talent has bought into the organisation. To support this larger group and the previous year’s intake, we have now created a dedicated associate program manager role. We expect our intake for the next year to be at a similar level.

Finally, the organisation is currently investing in an enterprise-wide review of key business processes. This will result in recommended changes to technology and processes that will provide better information and visibility across the entire employee lifecycle, including recruitment and on boarding, payroll and data management, talent and performance management, and recording exit and termination data. It is anticipated that this will improve decision support information by providing better employee data across many dimensions.