Our organisation



Fuji Xerox Australia parentage
and governance

Fuji Xerox Australia receives operational direction from Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Operations (APO) based in Singapore. Strategic direction is agreed within a medium range plan, which has a four-year horizon. Operational direction for the business is agreed within an annual operating plan that is developed with APO guidelines and agreed prior to the commencement of our financial year.

Our constitution and the communication matrix between APO and our organisation govern the powers of the board of directors and the management respectively and establish how decision-making authority is delegated. The local board of directors of the company includes our managing director and two executive general managers of the business, as well as general managers from APO. Our managing director chairs the board. Operational control is affected through the office of the managing director supported by the executive general managers of the respective business divisions.

Operating plan objectives are shared throughout our company via the annual planning processes and the performance management system. This is the framework for the implementation of the operating plan and for sharing the company’s vision, mission, values and sustainability objectives.

Some improvements are planned to our governance structure through the establishment of sub-committees focused on people, policy, risk and technology. We know we have work to do on risk management and the introduction of a dedicated sub-committee will drive renewed focus in 11/12.