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Quality management

‘Lighthouse’ by Jason Byrne, National Project Specialist, Australian Technology Park.


Re-invigorate quality and focus on our core value of continuous improvement.

10/11 objectives

How did we do?

Maintain ISO 9001 certification.

  • Certification was maintained.

11/12 objectives

Maintain ISO 9001 certification and address the non-conformances that were received since the close of the year under review.

Renew commitment from the executive leadership team to drive a quality focus in our culture and support our quality management system.

Regroup, train and empower the quality community to perform the activities required to maintain and embed ISO 9001, drive improvement and present a uniform approach to the business.

Review and simplify business processes to streamline the way we work.

In our last report we identified weaknesses in our approach to quality and committed to reinvigorate quality and focus on our core value of continuous improvement.

The quality management system (QMS) developed under the framework of ISO 9001 is still not receiving the necessary focus and resourcing within the organisation to ensure that it is well maintained and developed as our business grows.

While our environmental management is mature and safety management is currently receiving overdue attention, our approach to quality is weak in comparison. This is due to:

  • A view that ISO 9001 certification is valuable as a ‘seal of quality approval’ in sales proposals and tenders, but not as a system that can assist the business with innovation, risk management and continuous improvement.
  • The focus in the past on customer satisfaction systems and processes at the expense of managing the QMS and the internal audit function.
  • Delayed decision-making with regard to the adoption of a consistent problem solving methodology for our business.
  • Weak management support for the QMS as evidenced by the lack of a management review of the system, audit findings and improvement objectives identified in our sustainability report, resulting in a non-conformance since the close of the year under review.

This leaves the organisation somewhat exposed in governance, compliance and risk management. Our leadership is committed to improving our approach in these fundamental areas. The establishment of sub-committees, a more rigorous planning and review process and the recruitment of a new quality manager will help us make the required changes.