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‘Hands together’ by Suhendry Ui, Document Coordinator, Bids and Tenders, Macquarie Park office.

In the past couple of years our leadership has taken steps to align our organisation under a new vision and mission statement. Building ‘oneFXA’ is a key enabler of our shared strategic objectives. OneFXA is about each individual, manager, leader or team thinking, feeling and acting in the best interest of the customer, internally or externally, and not being influenced by selfish goals or inter divisional disinterest.

Our people play a central role in delivering a great experience for our customers, internally or externally. By living the oneFXA value system, we will see fundamental changes that will help us build a sustainable organisation for the future.

It’s important that we fully understand how our people experience oneFXA, and that we identify and address any blockages/drivers if we are to foster cross-divisional collaboration. To explore oneFXA dynamics in greater depth we undertook a series of workshops involving senior managers, sole contributors and state general managers nationwide. These workshops took place after the close of the year under review and revealed the following preliminary insights.

  • In general, oneFXA teamwork is good and has improved significantly in the past two years. The focus on oneFXA is yielding positive results, including changing behaviours that improve the bottom line through cross-selling. The much more inclusive approach to meetings, events, launches and award systems is helping our people to feel more included. There is encouraging evidence we are forging the relationships and improving the communications that are essential to achieving oneFXA.
  • But there are still many barriers to be overcome, most notably the different incentive systems across our three sales divisions. There are also many examples of business processes that make it difficult to operate as oneFXA and where, as a result, our people have developed relationships and behaviour to work around those barriers. Another barrier to achieving oneFXA is the relationship between head office and state branches, which can sometimes be characterised by a ‘them and us’ mentality that cuts both ways.

In 11/12 we will be exploring these themes in greater detail, developing strategies that will address the key barriers and recognising where great work has been done in building oneFXA.

Project Shakespeare

Our organisation has achieved significant growth, despite limitations in some of our processes and business systems. To achieve our future goals we require a highly integrated business, producing increasingly complex solutions that exceed client expectations.

To ensure we meet these challenges a dedicated project team of employees and external consultants are defining our future business model, designing the processes and identifying how to best leverage applications and technology to support our future business needs.

This project is code-named ‘Shakespeare’ and aims to design our future way of working as oneFXA so that we can achieve our Integrated Document Services (IDS) vision. This work will enable us to meet changing market needs, grow future market leadership, and ultimately make it easier to do our jobs.

Since the beginning of the project in late 10/11 over 237 business processes have been defined covering ‘Market’, ‘Innovate’, ‘Sell’, ‘Contract’, ‘Fulfil’, ‘Service’ and Support’, ‘Bill’ and ‘Collect Money’. We will continue working towards developing the blueprint for change in 11/12. The focus will be on consultation within the business, mapping business processes, undertaking gap analysis and making recommendations for future technology systems and support.

Project Shakespeare aims to design our future way of working as oneFXA so that we can achieve our Integrated Document Services (IDS) vision.