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Transforming tomorrow’s documents to knowledge.

Interesting facts for 10/11

  • 8 billion copies printed on Fuji Xerox Australia equipment, and 10 million documents scanned, which speaks to increasing digitisation of the ‘document’.
  • 13 million reams of paper sold, of which 73 percent was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification or made from recycled pulp.
  • Over 13,000 devices managed under Managed Print Services.
  • 9.8 million images scanned in our processing centres, ready to be integrated into our customers’ business processes.
  • 179 million cheques processed and 1 million invoices scanned to streamline customers’ accounts payable processes.


We will integrate data, documents and business processes to harness knowledge for our customers.

Fuji Xerox Australia is part of a world leading enterprise for business process and document management services. Our technology, expertise and services enable our clients — from small businesses to large organisations and government departments — to focus on their core business.

Through the implementation of efficient business processes and effective communication, we deliver the right information to the right people in the right format. Continuous innovation helps us optimise IT and print infrastructures to deploy document strategies that are waste-free, faster and more productive. This enables our customers to meet their business challenges in new ways with measurable results.

We are well recognised for our commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by the awards we have received from the United Nations and the Banksia Environmental Foundation. We help our customers reduce the environmental burden of document processes and achieve their targets in energy management and print efficiency.

With more than 8 billion pages printed on Fuji Xerox technology and in excess of 10 million documents scanned, processed and archived annually in Australia, we are using our rich heritage to create the office of the future.

To meet the needs of our customers for office supplies, we provide a wide range of products including paper, toner and finishing equipment, while at the same time, continuing to pioneer advanced speciality products.

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Fuji Xerox customers include small businesses, graphic communications companies, government entities, education institutions, global corporate accounts, and organisations in document-intensive industries such as healthcare, legal and financial services. Our solutions are offered through the direct sales force; through a network of independent agents, dealers and value added resellers and systems integrators; and through phone and internet sales channels.

Fuji Xerox Australia head office

Level 1, 101 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Phone: 02 9856 5000 Fax: 02 9856 5003

Australian Container and Freight Services transforms its documentation processes with Fuji Xerox Australia

Australian Container and Freight Services (ACFS) provide supply chain logistics for clients around the world. ACFS experienced rapid growth and had reached an impasse in its ability to provide timely, accurate services to clients due to its administration procedures.

With warehouses across Australia the company recognised that they would need to devise a scalable documentation solution that would be able to support growth and provide better communications and documentation for its clients. This would require a major overhaul of its largely manual administration processes, and a more transparent method of tracking its operations.

IT manager Hong Liu and the ACFS management team had previous experience with a Fuji Xerox multifunction device, so they approached Fuji Xerox Australia with a request to automate proof-of-delivery documents to clients, along with as many of the company’s document processes as possible. Particularly urgent was invoice processing, which was causing significant internal delays and errors.

Fuji Xerox Australia analysed ACFS’s entire document system and found inefficiencies throughout the entire lifecycle of documents. We recommended integrating a suite of software solutions with a centralised web-based document management system.

In addition to uploading invoice and proof of delivery documents to the ACFS website, Richard Melville, Software Solutions Specialist at Fuji Xerox Australia, said when we talked to them we found there were a few more problems with how they manage documents, such as how they create their documents and the processes they use to inject the documents back into the system to be able to put them onto the website.

“Support throughout the installation phase by Fuji Xerox Australia has been excellent. As a long term strategic supplier, the team continues to propose ways that we can improve our processes to achieve our goals, adding real value to our company”.

Hong Liu IT Manager, ACFS

“After examining how their documents were generated, we suggested putting them into a format that meant they didn’t have to print to deliver, and that gave them the ability to put a barcode on each document and check for signatures when those proof-of-delivery documents came back from customs. We also suggested that they archive documents in our DocuShare product so they had their own audit trail,” Richard said.

“Fuji Xerox Australia was able to provide us with a more complete solution that offered value across our supply chain,” said Hong Liu. ‘At one stage, we considered outsourcing or implementing a solution commonly used in the freight industry, but recognised that Fuji Xerox was able to provide a more effective and strategic solution for our needs. Not only was the solution able to fully integrate with our existing infrastructure, it could provide us with flexibility in document design, workflow control, and process automation,” he said.

Fuji Xerox implemented an Ezescan scanning solution, Planet Press Suite personalisation software and DocuShare document management system along with a web portal to upload proof-of-delivery documents with client and employee log in access.

Together these solutions enabled:

  • Increased visibility of goods with 24/7 web access to track goods at any time.
  • Automated information capture and improved document accuracy and workflow efficiency, which has, in turn, increased staff satisfaction. ACFS can now receive documents within five seconds of scanning from any networked multi-function device (this used to take a week).
  • Automatically accessible data which, when scanned from the hard copy becomes archived softcopy information, available across the work group and retrievable by keyword or barcode search.
  • Delivery dockets, gate passes and invoices to be uploaded directly from the multi-function devices to the existing supply chain management system.
  • A reduction in paper print, invoices previously printed. Now email systems automatically send invoices and proof-of-delivery documents to clients.

“Support throughout the installation phase by Fuji Xerox Australia has been excellent. As a long term strategic supplier, the team continues to propose ways that we can improve our processes to achieve our goals, adding real value to our company,” said Hong Liu.