Fuji Xerox sustainability
timeline of achievements

Fuji Xerox Sustainability
Timeline of Achievements


Xerox introduces its first product capable of double-siding.


Fuji Xerox establishes Pollution Prevention Committee.


Xerox introduces 'power down' (sleep) mode.


Fuji Xerox Australia begins selling a product from Europe containing recycled parts.


Fuji Xerox begins recycling parts and consumables in Japan.


Fuji Xerox begins collecting and recycling toner cartridges in Japan and recycled paper is introduced in Australia.


Fuji Xerox Australia begins recycling parts and consumables.


Fuji Xerox Australia begins remanufacturing end-of-life equipment.


Fuji Xerox incorporates recycled parts in the manufacture of new products.


All major Fuji Xerox manufacturing sites achieve ISO14001 certification.

GreenWrap® 50% recycled copy paper is introduced in Australia.


Fuji Xerox introduces closed-loop recycling technology.

Fuji Xerox wins the Minister's Award for Climate Change Leadership from the Japanese Environmental Agency.

Fuji Xerox participates in the National Olympic Landcare Project.


Fuji Xerox Australia Eco Manufacturing Centreopens and wins election to UN 500 Roll of Honour for environmental leadership.

Zero waste to landfill is achieved at the Fuji Xerox Asset Recovery facility in Japan.

Fuji Xerox Australia and Xerox collaborate to support the Sydney 2000 "greenest ever" Olympic Games.


Eco Manufacturing Centre wins:

Australian Institute of Engineering Excellence Award: Products, Manufacturing and Control Systems;

Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (AAEMA) Excellence Award: Product Stewardship;

Australian Manufacturing Environmental Solution of the Year and Import Replacement Manufacturer of the Year at the Industracom Industry Awards.


Eco Manufacturing Centre wins:

Eureka Innovation Prize for IndustryInstallation of an exhibition at the Australian Museum;

Australian Institute of EngineeringExcellence Award Environment.


The Eco Manufacturing Centre wins Australian Institute of Engineering Excellence Award.

Fuji Xerox Australia commences working with the AIIA to push industry and governmentfor the establishment of an e-waste recycling regime for Australia.


Integrated Recycling Centre opens in Thailand with the capacity to disassemble and recycle 30K machines and 500K cartridges per year.


Fuji Xerox Australia commences shippingend-of-life equipment, parts and consumables to the Integrated Recycling Centre in Thailand for 99% resource recovery.

Fuji Xerox Australia publishes its firstSustainability Report.


Fuji Xerox wins industry first EcoProducts Awardat the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry EcoProducts Awards in Japan.


Fuji Xerox wins an EcoEfficiency Award for promotion of eco-efficient products and practices at the 19th Energy Conservation Center Awards in Japan.

Fuji Xerox Australia receives commendation from Association of CharteredCertified Accountants for 2007 Sustainability Report in Australia.

The Fuji Xerox Integrated Recycling Centre is opened in China with the capacity to disassemble and recycle 15K machines and 500K cartridges per year.

Fuji Xerox Australia establishes industry first Dealer Sustainability Program.


Fuji Xerox establishes new carbon emissions reduction targets (30% reduction against 2005 levels across the product lifecycle by 2020).

Fuji Xerox Australia brings FSC and PEFC certified papers to market an is appointed to FSC Australia board.

All Fuji Xerox Australia office devices are GECA certified and compliant to Energy Star 2009 standards.


Fuji Xerox Australia wins:

Australian Business Award for Environmental Sustainability;

Leading in Sustainability Banksia Award.

2010 Sustainability Report wins:

Australasian Reporting Award for Best Sustainability Report;

Best Report Consumer and Business Services sectorand runner up in Best Overall Report category at Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Reporting Awards.

Fuji Xerox is recognised for an 11th consecutive Energy Conservation Award at the 20th Energy Conservation Centre Awards in Japan.

Fuji Xerox Australia is highly commended at the Green Globe Awards.

Fuji Xerox Australia chairs the FSC Australia board.


Fuji Xerox Australia establishes Sustainability Advisory Board.