Report scope and approach


In preparing this report, different divisions helped provide content and develop targets and key performance indicators. Every year, we involve our employees in the design of our report by running a photography competition, which also encourages reflection on sustainability. Their work is featured throughout the pages of this report.

We would like to especially recognise Kim Tautz, Dealer Principal of the Fuji Xerox Business Centre in Albury and Wagga Wagga, whose striking images, featured here and on page 53, won this year's competition.

Reporting as a learning process

This is our seventh sustainability report. Every year we try to do a better job of delivering relevant content to the right audiences in a way that suits their needs and addresses their concerns. This year we worked on:

  • The materiality process, so that more stakeholder input was considered when we determined what should be covered in the report.
  • The number of issues covered in the report. We have focused on fewer and more material issues.
  • The structure of the report, which is now organised around our ‘sustainable value chain’, making it easier for readers to understand how we manage sustainability challenges and opportunities from one end of the value chain (our suppliers), to the other end (our customers).
  • The delivery of the sustainability report, including the ongoing development of our dedicated microsite, and the production of a genuinely concise report available for the first time in iPad format.

Fiscal integrity

Ernst and Young conduct our annual financial audits. The financial statements for each of the companies comprising the Fuji Xerox Group in Australia have been placed on public record, having been filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Each company’s audit report is free from qualification.

Sustainability assurance

This report complies with GRI level B+ requirements and has been independently assured by Net Balance in accordance with the 2008 AA1000 assurance methodology.

Reporting cycle

Our sustainability reports are published annually. This one covers the Japanese financial year ending 31 March 2011. In some material cases information is provided on events that occurred after the year ended. This report is published in August, five months after our financial year closed and 12 months after our last report.

Report boundary

This report covers the Fuji Xerox Australia operation, which includes:

  • Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Limited and its sister company Fuji Xerox Finance Limited. The financial figures in this report reflect the statutory accounts for both these entities, adjusted where applicable for inter-company transfers.
  • A regional product distribution hub and a regional support centre which Fuji Xerox Australia operates on behalf of its parent company. While these operations include staff employed by both our parent company and Fuji Xerox Australia, they effectively report to Fuji Xerox Australia, are accommodated in our premises and contribute to our business results and therefore are considered within the boundary of this report.
  • Triangle Corporation, a Fuji Xerox wide format business, was acquired by Fuji Xerox Australia in 10/11. This business has been completely integrated into our operations and is included within the scope of this report.
  • The company has no joint ventures. Nineteen of our 20 locations are leased, our national warehouse is owned by us and all 20 locations are within the scope of this report.
  • Upstream Print Solutions was acquired by Fuji Xerox Australia in 10/11 and is managed as a wholly owned subsidiary with its own locations. For the purposes of this report we have included their financial contribution, but not their employee numbers, customer concerns or their social contributions and environmental impact. This is because they have separate systems, policies and approaches for these aspects of their business.
  • This report does not include Fuji Xerox Printers, a separate Fuji Xerox entity focused on the desktop printer market across Asia Pacific.
  • It also excludes the environmental footprint of the managed services we provide on customer sites. We recognise that the outsourcing of business processes such as print, design, mail and office services to us involves an obligation to manage processes with environmental responsibility, which we have begun to address.

While the scope of this report is heavily focused on our operations in Australia, we have also touched on our broader impacts. These extend through an international supply chain, which includes the manufacture of our equipment in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Europe and North America; the sourcing of our paper from various global suppliers; the remanufacturing and recycling of our products in Thailand; and the international logistics associated with our product transport. Our parent company, Fuji Xerox Company Ltd., also produces a sustainability report that incorporates the sustainability performance of other group companies responsible for manufacturing, distribution and end-of-life product resource recovery.

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