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Environmental strategy and management

Our parent company's environmental strategy has three fundamental pillars:

  • climate change mitigation
  • conservation of natural resources
  • reduction of environmental risk from chemical substances.

Fuji Xerox Australia receives direction from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division of Fuji Xerox Company Ltd on a small number of specific issues that fall outside of this strategy. We agree on carbon and waste reduction targets with the CSR division each year, and we report on our environmental performance biannually.

The CSR division is also an important source of information and guidance on regional matters, such as design for the environment initiatives and our UN Global Compact obligations.

Our commitment to sustainability extends well beyond complying with our parent company's directives and is a key brand value in the Australian market. Fuji Xerox Australia manages its own environmental sustainability performance through the Corporate Affairs division, which includes a national environment and sustainability manager, a national environmental systems manager and a network of regional environment co-ordinators.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own activities and helping our customers and business partners to do the same.

Our environmental policy, which makes implicit reference to the precautionary principle, reflects this commitment and can be downloaded at 8 There is an environmental management system (EMS) in place at all of our 20 sites, 17 of which are ISO 14001 certified. All three new sites will be certified in 10/11.

In addition to these 20 sites we also operate 40 service centres on customer sites. These centres provide a mix of creative, print and mail services to our customers. One of our flagship centres at UNSW leads the way in environmental responsibility. In 10/11 we plan to cascade that approach to other service centres, starting with our most environmentally committed customers.

This will involve integrating environmental policies and practices into standard operating procedures at those sites. Like our own environmental management system it will be branded 'sustainability on site'.

The adoption of this approach will put us in a better position to report to our customers, and more broadly, the environmental footprint of the document-intensive business processes outsourced to us.

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