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Andy Berry
Managing Director

Message from our General Manager,
Integrated Sales and Marketing Division

This year has seen a significant increase in the scale and quality of involvement of our stakeholders in our sustainability agenda. Our efforts have focused on employee community volunteering, engaging our indirect sales channel through a dealer sustainability program and putting in place the fundamentals of a system to better manage our suppliers and begin to engage them on sustainability.

Employee involvement in our community activities is particularly pleasing. A network of community champions across every site is entering its second year. This has greatly helped us to actively leverage our centre-led coordination and maximise the opportunities provided by the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) and United Way in particular.

These efforts have led to community volunteering opportunities for 418 of our 1,851 employees, leading to a total of 4,417 volunteer hours in the year under review. This roughly quadruples the 111 volunteering opportunities totalling 969 volunteer hours that our people experienced in 08/09. These figures demonstrate a ground swell of enthusiasm from our people, improved local and central management of community activities and increased levels of visibility for executive support of community engagement activities.

Local fundraising efforts also performed well but we were disappointed with only a small increase in the number of WorkPlace Giving participants. We have honed our strategy moving forward to link the volunteering activities of our people with specific and ongoing relationships in each local community. We will pilot this new approach with United Way, which has been undertaking some significant strategic work on a new 'community impact model', intended to develop a more participatory partnership and evidence-based approach to resolving social issues. We believe this will help us create more meaningful and ongoing impact with the communities we help, and deliver more rewarding human connections for our community volunteers.

The engagement of our dealers in the environmental area has also improved, with some notable leaders emerging. However, this is not yet endemic across the dealer community and we need to work harder to engage all the dealer principals in understanding the benefits to them and their local communities from investment and success in this area. The development of a tiered dealer sustainability program will allow us to bring emerging leaders further forward, whilst providing a flexible framework for others to continue their early efforts on environmental sustainability.

Engagement of suppliers has also improved this year. We have begun to catalogue and analyse opportunities and risks through a solid database and risk management framework. This approach is still in its infancy and we intend to solidify and expand it in 10/11. We also plan to build a stakeholder engagement framework for our suppliers. There has been little coordinated approach in the past, so this will involve creating new engagement mechanisms.

Andy Berry
General Manager,
Integrated Sales
and Marketing Division

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