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Organisational development

Organisational design and development continues to be an important focus inside Fuji Xerox Australia. By aligning our structure with our strategy we will ensure that we have the people, culture and capability to deliver our vision, mission and business objectives.

We believe that capability is a long-term competitive differentiator and that our success will depend upon how well and how fast we identify and build the capabilities we need now and in the future, through targeted development and talent acquisition and management programs.

Building the capability of our staff to address their responsibilities and accountabilities at Fuji Xerox Australia will contribute to their career development by enabling greater levels of success in their employment with us and with future employers.

We also encourage employees to move between divisions and encourage our people to take on different roles when they are ready for new challenges.

Manager-led development

We are continuing on our journey to drive a culture of strong engagement and high performance through manager-led development. Our 09/10 achievements and 10/11 commitments include:

  • Level 1 certification of all sales managers in the Integrated Sales and Marketing Division 'sales manager as coach' program. Level 2 of this program will be rolled out in 10/11.
  • The establishment of the management community within Fuji Xerox Australia – this includes the general managers and their direct reports, our top 70 leaders. The purpose of the community is to collectively develop strategy and effectively lead our people to achieve our vision, mission and strategy whilst role modelling our values.
  • Successful continuation of the management training program focusing on the role of the line manager in driving performance and building engagement. Over 140 people have attended since the launch in early 2009.
  • Introducing and continuing to offer the coaching for capability development program to managers throughout the business, with the goal of all managers being able to demonstrate basic coaching skills and developing a coaching culture. So far 69 people have attended this program, which was developed in 09/10. It supports our transition to manager-led development and the ability of managers to support on-the-job development throughout the organisation. All managers will be offered attendance at the course over the next 2–3 years.
  • Completing capability definitions in our company. In 09/10 we completed the capability definition for all positions in Global Services, Integrated Sales and Marketing, Corporate Affairs and Human Resources divisions. This enables the assessment of capability levels against strategy and the definition of on-the-job development initiatives going forward. In 10/11 the definition of role accountabilities and organisational review will be completed in Customer Support Organisation, Eco Manufacturing, Business Services, Document Supplies and Supply Chain Operations.
  • Embedding the performance management system with a continued focus on quality of business objectives. In 09/10 only 55 percent of our people completed end-of-year reviews. We will work to improve the completion rate in 10/11.

'One FXA' management workshop

In 09/10 Fuji Xerox Australia brought together all seventy senior managers for a series of off-site workshops. The purpose of the community is to collectively develop strategy and effectively lead our people to achieve our vision, mission and strategy whilst role modelling our values.


While formal training has a role to play in the development of organisational capability, our philosophy is to maximise the effectiveness of the training we undertake through on-the-job coaching by line managers.

We aim to enable people to experience their day-to-day work as a series of opportunities to develop role specific capability, which has reduced the emphasis we place on external training. In 09/10 year, 43 percent of the permanent workforce participated in off the job training.

This year we trained 24 percent of female employees and 51 percent of male employees, with most training delivered to staff in technical services or sales roles.


Our culture represents a point of difference against other organisations and we are proud of the positive attributes we see displayed by our employees' open and mutually supportive behaviour. As the organisation matures and develops we understand that our culture needs to respond accordingly.

Our vision for 2015 is to be a purpose-driven values-led organisation that will be a place where people aspire to work. As we move to this type of organisation there are some fundamentals that will need to be addressed in order to emerge as an employer of choice in 2015. One key focus for 10/11 is to agree what the vision of being an Employer of Choice in 2015 means for our organisation and how we will get there.

We have already identified some key strategies including:

  • improvements in and increased use of flexible work practises
  • development of part-time positions to source key talent
  • accreditation as an Employer of Choice for Women
  • improvement in the number of women in key senior roles.

Gender diversity is a key theme underpinning these strategies. During the year in review we have progressed our workplace diversity agenda as follows:

  • reviewed and updated our suite of HR policies to ensure gender inclusive language is used
  • amended our previous family leave policies to be gender inclusive
  • altered our previous maternity leave payment of six weeks to be paid at the commencement of leave, not on return to work.
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