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Employee engagement

Brand alignment

Ensure we live up to the promises we make to our people. The question of brand promises relates to how well we live the values in our business. Our performance measurement system now includes an assessment of values behaviour, on which decisions are taken. Results indicate that there has been some improvement in the living of our values.

Career opportunities

Provide a clear framework of how to progress in the organisation and define what success looks like. The review of position descriptions and implementation of a robust performance management system have clarified to our people what is expected of them to be successful. Our talent program also provides a framework for nurturing our high-achievers and developing their full potential. Lunch and learn sessions have been provided to all on development planning so that productive discussions can be had on employee career planning.


Improve the mechanisms and approach we take to keeping our people informed. There has been significant investment in corporate communications with the establishment of a dedicated team. Improvements have been made to corporate newsletters and site communication meetings, making them more conversational in tone. The availability and visibility of the leadership team has increased through simple measures such as locating the monthly executive team meeting in different sites.

Change management

Improve the way we implement changes in the organisation. The corporate communications team also offers change management communications and advice and improvements have been made in how we communicate significant changes to our business.

Having a highly engaged workforce is key to reaching our goal of being an employer of choice by 2015. Reaching this goal will mean that we have access to a wider talent pool and will be able to attract and retain critical talent to meet our business objectives.

Engagement levels

We conducted our third engagement survey in March 2010 with a participation rate of 67 percent, in comparison to 68 percent in our 08/09 survey. The key findings indicate that 55 percent of employees are fully engaged, down 4 percent on the previous survey, and 24 percent are nearly engaged, up 1 percent.

We are disappointed with this result and will seek to fully understand the reasons for this change and the key areas where we need to focus our activity over the next year. Our next survey will be conducted in April/May 2011.

Engagement drivers

The key drivers that have been highlighted at an organisational level have remained consistent with previous years. In 09/10 we worked to improve these areas, though immediate results may not be evident in our current employee engagement results. However many of our initiatives involve a longer term cultural shift, so results will come slowly.

Our engagement results also indicate where our employees have positive experiences in the workplace. In 09/10 our positive drivers have been in the areas of sustainability, teamwork with colleagues, customer responsiveness (internal and external), diversity and the physical work environment. While further improvements may not influence engagement levels, if we regressed in any of these areas there would be a negative impact on engagement levels.

We will run focus groups in 10/11 to review survey findings with employees across all divisions and ensure we fully understand employee issues. At the conclusion of these focus groups we will prepare action plans at a corporate, divisional and local level. We have noticed that employee experiences within our organisation appear to be inconsistent across our divisions and geographic locations.

A key focus in 10/11 will be to ensure there is a more consistently engaging experience for all our employees, irrespective of division, location or position. With 95 percent of the management community's variable pay linked to divisional employee engagement results, we are sending a clear signal to the business of the priority we place on this issue.

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