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Beth Winchester
General Manager, Human Resources

Message from our General Manager,
Human Resources

Fuji Xerox Australia has seen some significant changes throughout 09/10. There has been a leadership transition as well as changes within the executive leadership team. This has provided a platform for some significant organisational developments.

The organisation is aligning itself towards the new vision and our divisions are beginning to unite in striving towards our 2015 mission, to be the leader in integrated document services. New leadership has fostered an empowering and collaborative culture within our cross-divisional management community and there have been significant investments in corporate communications.

As this cultural and strategic shift continues, Human Resources will play an important role in ensuring that we can access wider talent pools and position the organisation for future success. Our goal of being an employer of choice by 2015 is an ambitious one, but we embrace it. We are developing a purpose-driven, values-led organisation that will be a place where people aspire to work. As we move to this type of organisation there are some fundamentals that will need to be addressed in order to emerge as an employer of choice, especially in the area of diversity.

While we focus on the future development of a sustainable business model for Fuji Xerox Australia, we must also maintain the strengths of our current business. 09/10 was a challenging year, with the impacts of the global financial crisis providing a degree of uncertainty to our people. However our business results show that the organisation achieved success despite the prevailing economic conditions.

Our attrition rate has slowed, in line with the experience of other organisations, and our involuntary terminations have increased as we streamline and organise our business for future needs.

Similarly, while we have looked forward to future organisational design and development, we have not lost sight of the need to ensure our ongoing commitment to the development of our employees is sustained. The 09/10 period was notable for continued investment in a broad and blended range of development activities. This will ensure that our approaches to learning are flexible and fit for purpose.

With regards to employee engagement, we acknowledge that 10/11 will provide further challenges. We have been disappointed by a reverse in our employee engagement score and will work to understand the underlying causes and develop strategies to address them.

One clear opportunity for improvement is to create a more consistently engaging experience for our people, irrespective of position, division or location. Our determination to move towards best practice in employee engagement has not waned and we will work to identify and address engagement drivers in every division.

Building a stronger engagement platform with our employees and ensuring we actively manage our people's performance will help ensure we reach the goals we have articulated in our vision and mission for 2015.

Beth Winchester
General Manager,
Human Resources

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