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Product safety

Product safety continues to be a priority for Fuji Xerox as evidenced in our policy statement. Fuji Xerox has developed its own safety standard called C11 covering all products it manufactures. C11 is a comprehensive set of voluntary safety requirements covering electrical, mechanical, physical and chemical safety that go beyond our statutory and international standard obligations. All products we supply are compliant with current laws, regulations and international standards and in the case
of Fuji Xerox manufactured products the C11 standard
is our higher benchmark.

A central database is used to record all regional incidents. The incident, the class and all relevant information about the case are recorded. The system follows clearly defined escalation parameters that ensure close monitoring of any serious issue. Any recurrence of an issue can be quickly identified to enable the necessary safety modifications to be engineered and distributed to the field for retrofitting to equipment onsite. Each incident is assigned a class, which defines the urgency of investigation. The table below shows the levels of classification. Classes A-C3 are defined as 'critical incidents'.

Product safety performance

In 09/10 we took part in the annual product safety self assessment process, which is coordinated regionally. Although the rigour with which individual safety incidents were reported and actioned was without issue, the way in which product safety performance was reported to the senior management team for their input and review was identified as an area for improvement. Product safety has been added to the agenda of the customer support review so that our performance can be reviewed quarterly with senior management. The management of third-party suppliers that provide us with products, such as finishing equipment, has also been identified as an area for improvement in 10/11.

We have had no incidents of non-compliance with any Australian safety regulation occurring in 09/10. Our product safety performance indicates that 90 percent of cases logged are due to odours from our devices. This pattern of incidents is normal and can be attributed to new equipment with a new type of toner emitting a different smell. Paper jams can cause
a burning smell against a hot fuser roller but this type of odour is a normal occurrence.

We had one significant product safety issue with equipment fumigation processes overseas leading us to recall and replace 220 devices in the October–December period. In the early part of October, we became aware of rust spots and, in some cases, the emission of an unpleasant sulphur-like odour from a limited number of devices recently imported in shipments from
Hong Kong.

We immediately commissioned independent experts to investigate these issues and made our parent company aware of the problem. It was soon concluded that the rust and odour was unlikely to pose a health risk to customers or employees. However as a precautionary measure only, we took the decision in late October to proactively collect and replace affected devices over the next four weeks.

Subsequent to comprehensive testing of all affected devices, it was confirmed that the fumigation process in Hong Kong caused the rust and odour. There was never any evidence that the affected devices posed any health risk to our people, customers or their representatives.

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