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Responsible paper sourcing

Fuji Xerox Australia is committed to enabling the efficient use of paper and to working only with responsible paper manufacturers and suppliers. Paper use is a tangible form of consumption and waste in the office environment more so than other less visible activities, which can sometimes have a larger footprint.

Efficiency programs are often a customer focus for both cost and environmental reasons. While we acknowledge this creates some challenges for an historic business model based on encouraging customers to print, our new service lines and solutions are designed to enable efficient printing and business process improvements. This reflects that our industry and our business is growing towards providing integrated document services, while we will continue to satisfy customer needs by providing a comprehensive, high-quality and sustainably sourced range of papers.

Paper production has a range of environmental impacts, both positive and negative, that are not well understood by those outside the industry. The paper industry has improved its environmental performance across a range of indicators. Although that cannot be consistently said of every producer, we work with only those producers that meet our standards. Our customers are often confused on this issue, under pressure to make sustainable procurement decisions and need help to do so. Our position is to act as a trusted advisor to our customers on this topic and enable them to source paper responsibly and use it efficiently.

'The Fuji Xerox Australia goal is to source all papers from sustainably managed plantation trees or recycled pulp and to transparently communicate papers' environmental impacts to our stakeholders. [The fact] that 65% of our total sales in 09/10 were of certified or recycled papers demonstrates our commitment to that goal.'

Craig Flavell
General Manager,

Assessment of compliance with standards

In the year under review we have published our revised sustainability standards for paper sourcing, having sought feedback from suppliers and industry experts from non-government organisations. If areas of non-compliance are found, our approach is to work with progressive suppliers to ensure standards are met. If improvements are not seen within a specified timeframe alternate supply arrangements will be made.

Since the close of the year under review we have asked all our suppliers — 14 paper mills — to respond to a detailed questionnaire on our revised standards. We have received completed responses from all. An evaluation of these responses is underway to assist in future mill selection programs. We have already identified some issues with one supplier whose FSC 'Controlled Wood' certification has been suspended. We have raised our concerns with this supplier and will monitor the situation closely.

Bringing certified paper stock to market

Fuji Xerox Australia has helped develop the market for certified papers by working with our suppliers to eliminate price premiums for these products and actively promoting the benefits of certified papers to our customers. In 09/10 we took the decision to move the supply of two significant paper ranges to mills that were certified. We are very pleased to see the percentage of FSC/PEFC certified paper sales rise from 11 percent to 57 percent and recycled papers from 0.2 percent to 8 percent. This achievement is aligned with our overarching direction to source paper only from certified suppliers.

Educating stakeholders

The Fuji Xerox Australia goal is to develop resources and implement communication strategies so that we can be a trusted advisor to clients on responsible paper sourcing. A set of 'paper facts' resources were developed and rolled out in 09/10. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure our staff understands this complex area and that our customers have access to objective information about the basic issues surrounding paper and the environment.

We will continue to update this information and develop briefs on emerging issues and findings to our staff and customers.

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