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Helping customers become more sustainable

In recent years the sustainability agenda has progressed inside our customer organisations with an increase in the amount, complexity and significance of environmental questions from our customers.

In 09/10 we experienced a growing demand from our customers for information on the sustainability credentials of our products and services and how our technologies can help meet their environmental objectives.

The rise of environmentally concerned customers in Australia has also been noted by our parent company, which increasingly sees Fuji Xerox Australia's work in response to these customer drivers as providing a model from which the Asia Pacific region can learn.

This has been the key focus of the regional CSR working group and the subject of several regional workshops in 09/10.

Addressing long term sustainability with production customers

A key focus in 09/10 has been the development of resources to help our production customers respond to sustainability drivers in their markets. Their customers in government and corporations have moved to digital communications, citing the environmental performance of print on paper and cost reduction as the major drivers. However the digital footprint of online communications has largely been ignored and there is a growing concern with the exponential growth of information that requires hosting through energy-intensive data centres.

In response we have developed a thought leadership document, addressing this current 'paper versus pixels' debate and providing pragmatic advice for customers seeking to remain relevant in an online world.

Relevant, responsible and effective communications

Current debate focuses on whether the print or online medium is more environmentally sustainable. However, eco-efficiency is meaningless without eco-effectiveness. We are guiding our production customers to work with their clients on using electronic or print communication (or a combination of the two) to develop communication that is not only environmentally responsible but also effective in delivering the desired response from audiences.

To fully develop communications effectiveness, the relative strengths and weaknesses of each medium must be understood, along with the strengths of combined media approaches.

No single catalogue, direct mail, television, radio, email, mobile, or billboard delivery provides a one-size fits all solution. Often different mediums deliver the most effective outcomes when used together. We believe that market opportunities exist for printers willing to embrace the new business of printing – one that is relevant, responsible and effective.

The 'Relevant, responsible effective' campaign is just one of the initiatives we have in place to address the long term sustainability of our production business. In 10/11 we will launch the 1:1 Experience, which is intended to assist our commercial print customers better engage with document generators in the corporate, government, education and SME space. In particular, this program will attempt to demonstrate how clients can better utilise customised one-to-one cross media communications, in a way that does not commoditise the price of printing.

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