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Dan Godamunne
General Manager,
Eco Manufacturing Centre

Message from our General Manager,
Eco Manufacturing Centre

At Fuji Xerox Australia we are known for our end-of-life product take-back and resource recovery program. With the Eco Manufacturing Centre celebrating its tenth year of operation, this is an appropriate occasion to reflect on our achievements in product stewardship and our strategy moving forward.

Internationally, the centre was recognised by the UN on its establishment in 2000. We won the prestigious Australian Eureka Prize soon afterwards for our innovations in remanufacturing. While some still see end-of-life resource recovery as a cost that must be borne, Fuji Xerox Australia sees it as both an unquestionable environmental obligation and a business opportunity. Over the course of its operations the Eco Manufacturing Centre has achieved a $240 million return on a $22 million investment. The centre has always made simply good environmental and business sense.

The core work of the centre is remanufacturing, with end-of-life products returned to like-new or better performance. While recycling involves the destruction of the product to its component materials, remanufacturing involves preserving the whole form of things. The result is better quality products as the knowledge gained in the remanufacturing process is put back into the design process of new products. The centre also saves Fuji Xerox Australia costs in new product imports, and increases the profitability of our operations, whilst reducing the requirement for raw materials in new product manufacture.

Moving forward, the centre's new strategy puts us in a strong position to work more closely with Fuji Xerox product development and asset recovery management in the Asia-Pacific region. This will increase the opportunities for our local remanufacturing expertise to influence the global approach to end-of-life resource recovery and share the benefits of those advances more broadly. With planning for relocation to a Green Star facility getting underway in 10/11, these are exciting times for the Eco Manufacturing Centre.

This leadership in producer responsibility has created advocacy drivers for us to share our experience and advance similar standards more broadly. We have been working closely with our peers from the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) to establish an extended producer responsibility scheme for the computer and peripherals industry. After six years of extensive consultation between the AIIA and the federal Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, national e-waste regulation has been proposed.

But providing a responsible solution isn't just about end-of-life resource recovery. We have seen strong drivers from our environmentally progressive customers to help them achieve their own environmental targets, especially with regard to reducing carbon emissions. The industry leading energy efficiency of our products means that we are well positioned to support our customers in this area. Our managed print services also provide customers with device consolidation and print efficiency strategies that can dramatically reduce both costs and environmental footprint for large organisations.

Providing responsibly sourced paper is also a significant customer interest and an area where we have focused for several years. We have developed robust standards and we are working to improve our processes for the assessment of compliance with them. While our ultimate goal is to shift this assessment burden to certification bodies, we play an important role in influencing our paper suppliers to address stakeholder concerns. Our position as chair of the Forest Stewardship Council in Australia in 10/11 reflects our commitment to the development of responsible forestry management standards and practices associated with the pulp and paper industry.

Dan Godamunne
General Manager,
Eco Manufacturing Centre

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