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Production customer satisfaction

The 90-day intensive care post-installation review is an important mechanism for managing and measuring production customer satisfaction.

It has been designed to monitor the performance of Fuji Xerox Australia production systems and workflow solutions during the 90-day period immediately following a new installation. The intensive care process was re-launched two years ago, with a view to ensuring that clients who have installed our high-end production solutions are provided with faultless implementation. It requires the sales specialist and account manager to ensure each element of an installation is completed effectively, and that any unsatisfactory element is escalated to ensure an appropriate resolution.

In addition to the intensive care process, we have established an account review process to address the broader needs of our customers in relation to equipment, supplies, service and invoicing. This provides the opportunity to engage clients on issues related to their business requirements and industry trends.

Production customer satisfaction levels

The production business fell 4 percent short of our Overall Satisfaction Index KPI of 95 percent, however we achieved a 5 percent improvement on 08/09 levels. Production also fell short of the 'very satisfied' target by 12 percent, a 3 percent decline on 08/09. However there is an increasing trend in satisfied responses and a decline in dissatisfied customers.

Our analysis indicates that all key areas of dissatisfaction related to account management.

Customer feedback: 'Good experience with FXA. Actually have recommended to a friend who bought a machine.'

'Fundamentally they care about what we do. They really bend over backwards for us. They exceed our expectations. We have a really good relationship with the sales and marketing guys. They take an interest, do a lot more analysis. There is no comparison with other (competitors companies).'

'Close to very satisfied. [They] have the ability to deal with us as a global company. Emerging technologies — what they are developing and releasing in the future will play a large part in how we view them moving forward.'[1]

Our response: In 09/10 we made a commitment to reconsider the account review process. Internal workshops have confirmed the current process still provides value to customers when utilised correctly. However, it is clear that the process is not being applied in a uniform or regular fashion. Our declining numbers of very satisfied clients concern us, so we have re-emphasised the need for account managers to conduct account reviews and use the intensive care process.

Each account manager has been set an agreed target to complete account reviews for their clients, utilising the documented process. In addition, each sales manager is required to coach staff in the appropriate and effective use of the process. Senior production business managers have also been set an objective to ensure that all key customers within their segments are provided with effective account management, including account reviews, executive communication exchanges and informal engagements.

Three senior market managers, reporting to the national management for the production business, have a charter to ensure clients in the commercial print, franchise, mailing and in-plant markets are engaged in aconsistent and high-quality manner.

Production net promoter score

The 09/10 face-to-face survey identified a NPS of 20 percent, which is a 5 percent improvement on the 07/08 survey. This result is within the mid-range of the target rating of 15–30 percent for business-to-business sales organisations.

We will continue to invest heavily in our Premier Partner Program, to ensure our largest and most loyal production customers are provided with thought leadership opportunities. The most recent initiative was our hosting a range of our premier partners in the Global Premier Partner Congress in Manchester, UK in May 2010.

[1] Extracted from the PSB face to face survey results in the past year. In response to: what is the most important improvement Fuji Xerox could make that would make you rate us closer to ten?

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Monday 13 September, 2010Simon Lane

The great news is that we have started a pilot for a new approach to our account review process, initially in NSW and Vic. We will formalise that process shortly. We are also reviewing the questions we ask of clients in our annual customer satisfaction reviews, to ensure we are meeting market expectations. Finally, we have re-named our Production group to Graphic Communications, to ensure we better reflect the reality of our customers, who work across a breadth of industries: design, on-line, marketing, advertising, printing, mailing, packaging, fulfilment and many other related areas