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Office customer satisfaction

For office customers, a post-installation survey is conducted by telephone for all new installations. This survey occurs three times per annum. Its purpose is to identify issues resulting from any of the following key customer interactions:

  • sales process and demonstration
  • equipment delivery and installation
  • training
  • equipment features and performance
  • service and support
  • document supplies
  • customer administration.

At the end of the telephone survey, two net promoter score (NPS) questions are asked to assess whether customers would recommend Fuji Xerox and whether they would buy from us again. Any dissatisfied customers are also logged into CSAS so that we can respond to concerns immediately.

Office customer satisfaction levels

While we have seen a declining trend in overall satisfaction in 07/08 (94 percent) and 08/09 (90 percent), the OSI score of 92 percent in 09/10 is trending back towards our target of 95 percent. The proportion of very satisfied customers has also declined from 46 percent to 43 percent.

Our analysis of the reasons for these trends and what we are doing to improve customer service are outlined below.

Equipment delivery and installation
For three consecutive years our surveys have identified weaknesses in equipment delivery and installation. In our last report we indicated that a full review had been conducted and that changes would be implemented in supply chain operations that would improve our performance in this area. Our goal was to reduce the time between when our logistics suppliers delivered equipment to customers and when technical staff would arrive to actually install it.

Customer feedback: 'Co-ordination of delivery, installation and training of new product could be improved.'

Our response: In 09/10 organisational changes were made to create a single accountability for the end-to-end process of equipment delivery and installation. The effect of these changes was to ensure that installation would occur in less than four hours of delivery. We are pleased our resolution to this issue has been well received. Surveys that have been conducted since the close of the year under review illustrate that satisfaction levels with this aspect of the customer experience are improving.

Customer administration
For three consecutive years our surveys have identified challenges with customer administration systems and processes. Further investigation has revealed specific issues with our billing and invoicing, relating to lack of clarity and simplicity, lack of timeliness in response to billing enquiries, and the capability of customer administration staff.

Customer feedback: 'We've been dealing with you for more than 5 years and we've always been happy.'

'I think that if they cleaned up their accounting side, Fuji Xerox would be the best company.'

Our response: Our goal is to improve our systems, tools and training in customer administration so that our people will have the resources and capability to manage customer billing effectively and respond to customer queries promptly. In 09/10 we have worked to specify the strategies that would achieve this goal and in some cases they have begun to be implemented.

We are pleased that advances in e-metering will increase the accuracy of our billing, reduce customer queries and contribute significantly towards the seamless billing process we hope to achieve. We are working with HR to develop customer skills training and we have also identified the IT strategies and investments that are required to improve our customer administration systems and tools. Our 10/11 strategies include:

  • development of customer information material that clearly explains our invoicing
  • the redesign of our query support system so that employees have access to tools that will streamline customer query management
  • the implementation of standard query workflows that will improve visibility into timely query management and allow for the reallocation of resources if required
  • delivery of customer service skills training.

Sales process and demonstration
Following consistent feedback highlighting the fact that the sales process remains an area of concern for our customers, Fuji Xerox Australia has made a significant investment in our sales people's capability through implementation of a sales academy.

Customer feedback: 'I had an issue with the toners. Because we have a small area, when the toners were empty, they were taking up lots of space. I called you and organised a recycling box which works well. We weren't informed of this when we purchased the machine, so perhaps you could mention this feature during the sales process.'

Our response: The sales academy is not an isolated training event, but rather an ongoing development process that incorporates competency assessment, workshops, business simulations, manager coaching and real life case application as well as presentation skills development and implementation. It requires sales people to view the sales process from the perspective of customers, who will have different needs at each stage of their buying cycle. It provides sales people with tools to use at each stage to ensure that their interactions, style and approach are aligned with the needs of customers. We are seeking to develop sales people to create value for and act as trusted advisors to our customers through a thorough understanding of their business needs.

To measure improvement in this area we have developed specific competencies for assessment by both sales persons and managers. Upon completion of the program we will go through this assessment process again in order to measure the impact of the program on the capability of sales persons. We will balance this internal measurement with data and feedback gained through our customer satisfaction surveys.

Office net promoter score

The net promoter score (NPS) measures how we deliver customer experiences so that we can better build long-term loyalty and customer advocacy. This provides an important lead indicator, complementing the lag indicators identified in other areas. In 09/10 our office survey identified a NPS of 36 percent, which is a 9 percent improvement on the previous year and 6 percent above the target rating of 15–30 percent for business-to-business sales organisations.

Customer feedback: 'Service is very good, FXA are very loyal. [I] recommended FXA to a friend to install a machine. Office machines department was slow to respond initially — I complained to FXA and the problem was sorted out very quickly. My friend is very happy with the machine.'[1]

Our response: Further analysis is required to explore the significance of our success with loyal customers and how that positive customer experience can be shared more broadly.

[1] Extracted from national 90 day survey results over the past year. Statements in response to: what is the most important improvement Fuji Xerox could make that would make you rate us closer to ten?

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