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Managing and measuring the customer experience

Fuji Xerox Australia has a number of systems and processes for measuring our customers' experience:

• customer satisfaction assurance system
• customer satisfaction meetings
• customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer satisfaction assurance system

The customer satisfaction assurance system (CSAS) was reviewed in 09/10. A new system with better classification and management of complaints and compliments for trending and analysis will be implemented in 10/11. This new system will allow data trend analysis and the prioritisation of continuous improvement projects in response to findings. It will also allow us to capture all customer feedback from every division so that ultimately a single view of customers can be captured and conveyed across the business.

New system features include:

  • easy to use online system for staff to log complaints and compliments
  • easy to use online system for assignee to view and update complaints and compliments
  • better classification of complaints and compliments for trending and analysis
  • unified common approach to compliment awards and complaint classification
  • alerting and notification to ensure we monitor our KPIs
  • ability to produce month-end reports for all stakeholders and APO regional reporting with minimal effort
  • integration with our existing HR system.

Customer satisfaction meetings

Each month, we hold customer satisfaction meetings in state branch offices. The purpose of these meetings is to identify customer issues and share information, feedback and ideas aimed at improving our customer experience. In 09/10 there was a full review of these meetings and the KPIs on which they focus.

In 10/11, we will roll out the revised customer satisfaction meeting format and associated KPIs. One of our main goals is to shift the meeting focus from the immediate resolution of individual customer issues to an analysis of root causal trends in complaints, so that we can make improvements and prevent issues arising.

Another goal is to ensure there is appropriate escalation of significant and systemic customer issues. so that responses can be prioritised and resources assigned.

There are a number of critical success factors if these goals are to be achieved:

  • general managers assigned to each state branch need to take an active role in customer satisfaction meetings
  • strategic review of significant customer satisfaction trends should become a regular agenda item during the executive board meeting
  • escalation and action templates will be developed and utilised
  • implementation of new CSAS will allow dashboard visibility, trending and analysis of all customer complaints.
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