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Paul Whittard
General Manager, Customer Support

Message from our General Manager,
Customer Support

Managing the customer experience continues to be highly material to sustainability and is a core company value. We aim to be the business partner of choice by providing customers with market leading solutions and services for document intensive processes, supported by highly skilled resources and responsive processes and systems.

The development of integrated document services creates different customer support challenges so we will need to build new capabilities and customer support models. If we are to become a business partner of choice, it is also essential that we deliver on our commitment to listen and respond to the voice of customer.

All customer segments were surveyed in 09/10. In response, we continuously improve the core business systems and processes that are customer satisfaction drivers, especially in the critical area of equipment delivery and installation where we have successfully reversed declining customer satisfaction figures. There has also been improvement in the fundamental frameworks that allow us to listen and respond to our customers. In 09/10 the technology underpinning the management of customer complaints was reviewed and the structure of our customer satisfaction meetings was revised. However there is still work to do on reviewing our customer survey methodologies.

There is an opportunity for greater levels of coordinated reflection by the business on the factors driving customer satisfaction. Currently we have a fragmented approach whereby pockets of survey data point to specific customer drivers to which we will respond. A higher level of analysis and synthesis would help us integrate our various survey results into one single view of customers and reflect on what that tells us more broadly about how we manage our customer experience. We believe that step of changing how we listen and respond to the voice of customer (VOC) is partly achieved through technology investments and business process improvements, but would have even greater impact with higher levels of engagement by the core business in VOC processes.

While Global Services already have an embedded approach, in 10/11 we will look to other areas of the business to begin to embed the management, measurement and reporting of the customer experience. We will work with them to review methodologies for how we capture the voice of customer with the intent to better understand and positively influence the customer experience. Our goal is to increase levels of ownership and accountability by decentralising the management of customer satisfaction, whilst providing a consistent corporate framework that will allow a single view of customers. While we continue our focus on listening and responding to customers to better meet their needs and enhance their experience, we are also embracing new customer support challenges that come with the development of integrated document services.

To support our vision and to ensure we continue to deliver an excellent streamlined customer support experience, we have identified several key areas of focus including improving our software support processes, improving our onsite support for blended desktop and multifunction device solutions, and further developing our remote solution support. At the same time we continue to measure our support effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvements in reliability, responsiveness and resolution times, including our capability to resolve calls remotely without the need for a site visit, thus quickly fixing customer issues whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

Paul Whittard
General Manager,
Customer Support

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