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Roger Pearce
General Manager, Corporate Affairs

Message from our General Manager,
Corporate Affairs

Our new organisational vision and mission has been a significant development in the year under review, leading our business to begin to consider how our new corporate direction can be achieved. All divisions are moving to align under one common goal — to be the leader in integrated document services by 2015.

Parallel improvements to our strategic planning process will ensure that all divisions and operating units shape their individual mid-range strategies to support the overall business direction. This will provide an opportunity to further embed our response to sustainability drivers into the core business planning and review process, something that has challenged us in the past.

The company is still embedding sustainability into the management and reporting structures of the business. Many materially significant aspects of our sustainability performance are already well addressed in those structures, such as employee engagement, customer satisfaction and environmental management. While we are committed to continuously improve our performance in those existing material areas, the company also needs to tackle emerging sustainability challenges and opportunities as we bring our new vision and mission to life.

This emerging focus on a singular mission is building a purpose-driven organisation. However our leadership is equally focused on ensuring we are led by values. Our organisation is underpinned by a commitment to our values and the sustainability of the environment and the communities in which we operate. The introduction of a new Code of Conduct in 10/11 will bring together the fundamentals of our values, our legal obligations and our commitment to sustainability in one document. This will provide enhanced guidance for employees on questions of business ethics and integrity. While we have focussed most attention to date on employees living the values in our core business, increasingly we look to all our business partners, including our dealers and agents, to model their own operations on similar principles.

The cascade of our core values through our management structures, performance measurement systems and culture is having an impact on organisational behaviour. Values-based discussions continue to become common practice in our business. As a result we are seeing more open assessments and continued candid discussions of appropriate behaviours in customer-facing areas, such as marketing promotions and entertainment, as well as dealing with internal questions of harassment and discrimination. More open questioning of behaviour that is not aligned with our values and an increased understanding of the significance and implications of that conduct are strengthening our values-led culture.

The scope and extent of legal and ethical incidents and complaints in 09/10 are somewhat less than in prior years. However we acknowledge that we still have work to do to ensure that our people understand how such incidents should be reported and provide a framework for analysing and recording legal and ethical breaches. Improved methods for capturing employee, customer and other stakeholder views on such incidents will be assessed to ensure that we have full visibility in the future. This will ensure that as we launch our Code of Conduct we will also provide a supporting framework for reporting, analysing and recording breaches and how they should be dealt with.

Roger Pearce
General Manager,
Corporate Affairs

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