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Quality and innovation

Product and service innovations

With knowledge key to an organisation's success, Fuji Xerox Australia offers a range of innovative solutions to help our customers manage the efficient flow of information, while reducing costs and overhead expenses.

Our comprehensive array of technology solutions addresses needs from the office through to graphic arts and production print environments. Included in this are multifunction devices that can print, scan, copy and fax; document management software; digital full-colour printing presses; a range of paper and supplies as well as specialised managed document services.

Innovation keeps us at the forefront of our industry. Together the Xerox and Fuji Xerox Groups invested in excess of US$1.7 billion in research, development and engineering in 09/10. Eleven research centres span Japan, North America and Europe, including the renowned Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC).

Fuji Xerox also has four epicenter™ facilities in Sydney, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo, which focus on collaborative discovery with our customers and industry. Research themes span reinventing technology and systems, rethinking how people work and redefining the document. To strengthenthe relevance of all research, there is an explicit focus onwhat is called 'customer-led innovation'. This appliesespecially to Fuji Xerox Australia.

As a member of the Fuji Xerox and Xerox world globally, our innovation challenge is less to do with transformative technologies and more to do with implementing tailored solutions within customer environments that solve a specific business problem.

Product innovation
Innovation shapes the market in which we operate. In the office services sector, printer, scanner and copier technologies have been increasingly merging over recent years, providing more sophisticated software applications, and creating a new market for document services. As the emphasis shifts away from technology on the print engine ('feeds and speeds'), this drives innovation around document processing workflow (scanning, storage, retrieval etc).

Innovation in the office market has been a continued focus throughout 09/10. The success of the locally developed Image Gateway product has led to significant expansionand investment in this area of the business.

Image Gateway enables our customers to use the investment they make in traditional multifunction device fleets to drive cost reductions and process improvements in other areas of their businesses. Client demand for these configurable solutions hasled to growth in local development resources, the establishment of a professional services team within the office innovation structure and a doubling of the solution sales specialist team.

Office innovation centres on technology that facilitates the transition of hard copy documents into data and back again.This means data can easily be exchanged between systems, providing a range of benefits including faster, more efficient processing, reducing costs and aiding better decision making.

Image Gateway technology is complemented by a rangeof partner solutions that provide best-of-breed capabilityaround workflow, distribution, archiving, and formsprocessing and production.

Investment in innovation sets us apart

The March 2010 opening of Fuji Xerox's R&D Square in Yokohama City, Japan, marked a new chapter in the company's research and development history. The facility, which will centralise Fuji Xerox solutions research teams, aims to create new value for customers by enabling collaborative innovation.

The centre will provide a space for identifying customer business challenges, reproducing and studying their print environments, developing innovative solutions and evaluating the effectiveness and marketability of proposed solutions. The new centre will strengthen ties between our customers and Fuji Xerox innovation, ultimately leading to shortened product development lead-time.

The Fuji Xerox R&D Square is also an environmentally innovative building, built with energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems and smart building technology. Outside, the centre is surrounded by native Japanese gardens, specifically planted to mitigate urban heat, and public recreation spaces includingan art collection.

Innovation in account services

In 09/10 we officially launched our accounts services offering. Part of our Business Process Outsourcing portfolio, accounts services will continue to evolve in 10/11 with the formalisation of accounts receivable services, building on the features of the already released accounts payable service.

Our account services are hosted in facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth as well as in numerous onsite client locations. Across these locations we have standardised our technology platforms, process management and organisational structure and aligned to best practice.

Our customers benefit from lower implementation and transition costs and gain access to global Fuji Xerox innovations.

Anthony Cogswell
General Manager,
Global Services

University of New South Wales (UNSW) sets a new benchmark

UNSW chose to partner with Fuji Xerox to outsource the delivery of its combined print and mail services.

The solution was delivered in two stages. Firstly, UNSW's geographically-dispersed print services were consolidated into a new, purpose-built space aligned to the 4 Green Star Rating. Secondly, to improve the student learning experience at UNSW, a student print centre opened featuring leading-edge self-service printing kiosks and online submission of print jobs.

'UNSW, in partnership with Fuji Xerox Global Services, has introduced some great initiatives and business service improvements. We're now able to offer a much more competitive, high quality digital print service and turnaround jobs more quickly. As a result, we've got more satisfied staff and students, not to mention the huge cost benefits. We'll continue working with Fuji Xerox Global Services to introduce the latest technologies, processes, and systems to drive continuous improvement to reduce our costs and improve quality.'

Jenny Denman
Deputy Director,
Facilities Management, UNSW

Jenny Denman

Internal business process innovation

Our approach is to apply innovation to our own internal business processes, which support both our people and our customers. If we can build systems and develop proceduresthat help our own people to be effective then our customerswill also benefit. Our goal is to simplify business processesand provide the tools and information to enable the businessto work more effectively. We also apply ISO 9001 quality principles to our business operations, which is in line with our commitment to the philosophy of 'kaizen'[1] and our core valueof continuous improvement.

Quality management
We are aiming to reinvigorate staff skills around ISO 9001 principles and problem solving. Our quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1992. Our intention is to move quality beyond compliance to an activity thatencourages creative problem-solving and improved experiences for our customers.

In line with this focus, we explored problem-solving methodologies available to us in 09/10 with a view to selecting and implementing an approach that works forthe organisation. While that decision has not yet been made, continuous improvement in our internal business processes continues to occur outside a formal framework.

Our Bids and Tenders 'Connect' project is an example of this. Connect is a fully integrated web-based platform — it includesa searchable contents database, a tender management system and an automated workflow. This innovative system is an active demonstration of our mission: creating knowledge by integrating data, documents and processes. It was recently showcased as best practice at the annual regional Kaizen Forum.

Information Services strategy review
Our overarching direction in Business Services and Information Services is to simplify business processes and provide the tools and information to enable the business to work more effectively. To support the achievement of our business objectives and address a key employee engagement driver, we have identified that we require a significant focus and investment in Information Services (IS).

In 09/10 we initiated a comprehensive review of our IS strategy and its role in supporting our business. An independent, external consultant was engaged to work with the business and develop an appropriate IS strategy. The first 4–6 weeks of IS strategy review was predominantly an information gathering exercise, although work has begun on key areas in parallel to the ongoing review. These include:

  • recruiting a senior business analyst (the first investmentin a new IS organisation to meet the above expectations)
  • planning to refresh personal computers in 10/11
  • looking more closely at business intelligence to meetour challenging and dynamic information needs.

Our focus going forward is to develop an integrated view of the Business Process and Application portfolio. Critical success factors will be the ongoing partnership between IS and the wider business and engagement with our parent company and more specifically, Asia Pacific Operations, to ensure we collaborate to achieve our mutual goals.

Final recommendations for the IS strategy will be delivered in 10/11. However one key recommendation has been put in motion since the close of the year under review. In order to ensure the successful execution of the IS strategy a new executive role of General Manager, Information Serviceshas been created, reporting to the managing director.

Unleashing the value of themultifunction device

Image Gateway, developed specifically for the Australian market, is a component-based software platform, providing improved document process functionality at the multifunction device (MFD). Designed to help businesses get full value from the MFD, its capabilities range from server-based cost management, document capture, faxing and providing a two-way access point to document management systems at the MFD touch panel. Additional functionality can be developed to suit specific business needs, as was the case withPitcher Partners.

Pitcher Partners is an association of Australian audit, accounting and advisory firms. Established in 1991, Pitcher Partners has grown to 83 partners with more than 800 staff. As the company continues to expand, the need to streamline document-intensive administrative processes has become more evident.

Pitcher Partners approached us for our expertise in business services and solutions and made the transition to sophisticated multifunction devices that will improve productivity, and allow for customisation and automation of document workflow processes.

The company has benefited from a customised Image Gateway solution, which allows Pitcher Partners' staff to scan documents directly into an electronic document management system, archiving scanned files to specific client folders and reducing duplication errors.

'Fuji Xerox Australia's solution streamlined our processes and provided maximum productivity benefits. The solution also works alongside our accounting system, which works out well for us as our accounting system is deeply entrenched in our processes and we did not want to have to change it. This is just one step towards a complete document management strategy, and we are continuing to work with Fuji Xerox Australia to improve our processes and document management systems.'

Grant Stewart
Pitcher Partners' Operations Manager

[1] Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life.

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