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Phil Barter
General Manager, Business Services
and Chief Financial Officer

Message from our General Manager,
Business Services

The year under review delivered relatively positive business results in a challenging environment, with a slow emergence out of a recession driven by the global financial crisis. The underlying financial strength of the company and robust annuity revenue streams saw us through a difficult period.

Total revenues of $792.4 million in 09/10 (1.6 percent growth on 08/09) reflect a solid performance for Fuji Xerox Australia in a tough economic climate. We have maintained our market leadership position in our key market segments. However the business continues to face significant challenges in maintaining and growing market share in an increasingly commoditised marketplace.

In response, we are learning to better orient ourselves around changing customer needs by innovating new solutions, expanding value propositions and developing appropriate sales and marketing strategies and capabilities. We are undertaking significant organisational development to support a new vision and mission that will take our business forward.

The establishment of a new vision and mission for Fuji Xerox Australia creates new strategic challenges and opportunities inside and outside our organisation. We will need to leverage our traditional strengths and innovate new solutions to be the leader in integrated document services. We will also need to innovate inside our own business so that we have the information and business infrastructure and systems to support the growth of our business. This will involve new technology investments and smart, strategic acquisitions to build the organisational capability required.

Internal support functions play a significant role in the achievement of our new vision and mission. We will seek to simplify business processes and provide the tools and information to enable the business to work more effectively.

In Business Services and Information Services, our strategies are to:

  • develop as a centre of excellence for knowledge creation and management
  • respond nimbly to the needs of the business
  • develop and acquire the capabilities to be regarded as an enabler to the business.

In support of these strategies we have identified 15 priority projects with an emphasis on those that would deliver significant productivity benefits across the company. One of the key projects is a complete strategic review of Information Services (IS). This is nearing completion and will result in significant investment in technology systems, which is an important engagement driver for people.

In our organisation, we are committed to developing the capability to meet the changing needs of the business, which is clearly displayed in the addition of a new leadership position – General Manager, Information Services reporting to our managing director. This will provide Information Services with a place at the leadership table and ensure that business needs are translated into IS priorities.

Another key project is to invest in our financial planning and analysis capability to keep pace with the growing size and complexity of the business. Our goal is to develop greater capability in process improvement and decision support to complement the investment in IS resources, as we recognise the need to develop systems and processes that will deliver the full potential to the business.

Phil Barter
General Manager,
Business Services
and Chief Financial Officer

Integrated document services

Our vision of integrated document services is to provide a complete set of information and communication services, which enable customers to create, produce, distribute, capture and manage information assets effectively while streamlining business processes.

We create more effective documents and communications through creative design services and software.

We generate superior documents and provide information in the way that people need it – either paper based or digital. Our technology helps customers manage their paper production, share information online and deliver professionally produced material through office supplies.

We support document distribution through traditional or digital mail services. Our technology can integrate online communications with multiple media and we provide software and services to enhance marketing campaigns.

We help our customers to capture information into their workflow or business processes. This can be done in a decentralised way through multifunction devices, in central processing areas or through online submissions.

Business processes
We link documents and information with business processes so that document intensive processes can be automated and streamlined.

We offer services to manage and improve document intensive business processes.

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