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The Fuji Xerox Story of Sustainability

Previous Fuji Xerox Sustainability Reports:


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Instructions for using our augmented reality feature

  1. Set up and turn on your webcam
  2. Open the sustainability report microsite at:
  3. The webpage will automatically detect out your webcam and you should be able
    to see yourself on the page, if you don’t, check our Troubleshooting guide.
  4. Hold up the back cover of the report (or a print out a copy of the back cover) to the webcam
  5. The webcam will ‘read’ the printed mark and project a digital hologram on-screen,
    for best results make sure you are in a well lit area, but not directly underneath a
    fluorescent light and move the mark around slowly in front of the camera
  6. Move the report around to see the augmented reality feature from different angles

Troubleshooting Guide for Augmented Reality

  • Make sure you are in a well lit area. Augmented reality requires clear visibility to work
  • Make sure your computer camera is turned on. Augmented Reality doesn’t work
    without a webcam.
  • Be sure to hold the marker so the id faces the camera directly. If it’s pointing away from
    the camera or too far to the side or in the wrong direction, you won’t see the effect.
  • Mac users – you may have to activate your webcam using your “flash player settings”.
    Right click the pop-up window on the middle of the screen, select the webcam icon and
    choose USB video from the dropdown.

Don’t have a webcam? You can view the augmented reality feature in this video

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